Cenntro Metro


Metro is a unique street-legal light electric commercial vehicle designed for urban scenarios such as intracity delivery and similar services. Cenntro started trial production of Metro in 2017 and has produced more than 3,300 so far. Currently, Metro is mostly sold in Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Israel.


Metro’s durability far exceeds the needs and expectations of our end users, ensuring that the vehicle can effectively and economically carry out tasks.

Its sleek dimensions, short turning radius and generous cargo capacity caters perfectly to the demands of urban logistics.

Built-in intelligence leads to more efficient operations and increased safety.

Metro’s advanced, robust components and full vehicle design was repeatedly tested and refined in computer simulation with real-world crash tests to ensure the vehicle’s safety.

Light and Efficient
Designed and built from the ground up as an electric vehicle instead of being converted from a gas or diesel vehicle, Metro is light and aerodynamic.

Low Cost Maintenance
Metro’s low maintenance costs and operations can be 1/6 the cost of a traditional vehicle in its class.


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